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In 2001, I began my professional career with the Houston Astros Baseball Club. Starting in my second season with the club, I was promoted to managing Ballpark Entertainment. I was responsible for everything from staff and budget management to conceptualizing, creating, and integrating all creative.  On game days, I was the game day producer who scripted rundowns and PA scripts, and managed the integration of team, situational, and sponsor inventory. I would continue in this role for 12 years. Some of the highlight events I was able to produce include the 911 Tribute, 2004 MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, 2004 Bud Bowl, 2004 National League Division and Championship Series, and the 2005 World Series. With 81 regular home game seasons, I built up a wealth of experience and knowledge in the producer chair. I am an expert in situational producing and have made a name for myself in delivering exceptional original entertainment. Under my direction Houston Astros Ballpark Entertainment was considered the best show in Major League Baseball. This was validated by the awards earned at the Information Display Entertainment Association Golden Matrix Awards. The Golden Matrix Awards are the most prestigious awards for in-game entertainment. From 2006-2011 the Astros won 14 GMA's and 5 Best Overall Video Display for baseball which is the highest award for an individual sport. The 5-straight Best Overall Video Display Awards is an IDEA record. No other team in any sport has won 3-straight. There are only 10 awards awarded each year spread across all sports including professional (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS),  minor leagues (baseball and hockey), and collegiate.  

One of the responsibilities in my current role is to manage the sports venue entertainment presentations at Florida State University for 5 sports including football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. I manage 4 control rooms with 2 of them dedicated to producing venue entertainment. We have multiple large video board displays in all most these venues and supporting ribbon and LED signage. I have two full-time employees dedicated to sports venue entertainment. These staff members are former students of mine at Florida State University. Part of their day to day responsibilities include creating content and producing or directing on game days. The videos and features below were created in-house.








Brock Jessel and I after our 1st Best Overall Video Display win in 2006. Brock was the force behind our stellar 

motion graphics. 

IDEA 2007 MS.jpg

The talented Terry Daily joined our team in 2007 helping us win a 2nd consecutive Best Overall Video Display award.


Joey Graham pictured left joined our team in 2008 and yes, more trophies.


November of 2014, my last day in Houston, TX. So much love and respect for these guys. David Congdon (pictured)


A winning tradition. Former Astros interns have won 12 Best Overall Video Display GMA's.  


2018 IDEA Conference with my Florida State team including Allie Lane, Kyle Parsons, and Jacob Durshimer.


2009-2011 more trophies added to the collection.

Winning 2.JPG

The most creative and hard-working team in baseball Brock Jessel, Joseph Graham, David Congdon (not pictured), and me.

2014 IDEA.jpg

Houston Astros Reunion. Pictured back from left, Gavin Gehrt, Kirby Kander, Brock Jessel, Carl Mandell, Cory Belfort, Joseph Graham, and Yuta Muto.


2019 IDEA Conference with Michael Fertig and Yuta Muto. Michael is the lead editor at Seminole Productions for intro videos and features.

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