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​“I had the great privilege of breaking into the industry by working with Kirby for four years. Kirby taught me a lot about the creative process and to not overlook the small details that can make a big difference on any project you are working on. Kirby is tireless worker but is always gracious with his time and is a natural teacher/leader. I can’t overstate how much gratitude I have for the time and learnings I gained from him.”

Gavin Gerht, Executive Producer at Houston Texans

​“No one outworks Kirby and his staffs and rarely have I found one more creative. For years they set the bar in Major League Baseball for game day entertainment and raked in award after award. I know personally we used them as the standard and it made us better as we worked to unseat them. His professionalism, work ethic, and quality of work are as good as anyone I've met. Kirby is a rock in our business.”

Chris DeRuyscher, Senior Director of Ballpark Entertainment at Texas Rangers Baseball Club

​“Kirby was easily our best director at CSN Houston. He was professional, willing to take risks and be innovative but never allowing anything to air unless it was network level quality. I have been blessed to have worked with the best directors in the industry from my decade at ESPN, and I can honestly say Kirby was as good as any of them.”

Steve Bunin, Morning News Anchor, KING-TV Seattle

​“Kirby stands out as a creative, intuitive and quick thinker who isn't afraid to step out and try something new.  He is always on the cutting edge, bringing insightful ideas to the table.  A true asset.".”

Pam Gardner, CEO Your Mind at Work/ President, Houston Astros (2001-2011)

​“Kirby gets it!  He's super creative with an understanding of the big picture.  In Live Event Production, he is one of my Inner Circle of peers whom I trust their opinion and like to bounce ideas off of.  Kirby is a hard-working, creative leader who I would love to have on my team any time.”

Scott Cunningham, VP Fan Experience, Atlanta Braves

​“It was exciting to have an opportunity to intern for the Houston Astros. Little did I know this would be a launching point for several incredible opportunities that I share regularly. Kirby reviewed my previous work in the Esports industry and insisted I should dive back into it. The suggestion led to me designing the largest Esports facility in North America, and becoming President of Esports Network.”

Corey Dunn, President at Esports Locker

​“It was such a joy to be able to work with Kirby and learn under his direction at Florida State. He has an incredible attention to detail and a vision to make every single broadcast the best production it can be. He always assembled a crew who were working towards the same goal and wanted to put on a near perfect show, yet managed to maintain a calm and positive atmosphere within the crew. Having since moved on from Seminole Productions, I’ve learned how rare that passion and work ethic is and have an even great appreciation for his talent and expertise as a director.”

Kathryn Phillips, Reporter Fox Sports Florida

​“Kirby is extremely creative, hardworking and a problem-solver. He has been recognized by receiving multiple awards for his innovative approach. I’ve seen first-hand the impact Kirby has had on the organizations he’s worked for and the sports industry as a whole”

Rocky Harris, CEO at Triathlon USA

​“Kirby taught me so much about live event production and helped pave the way for my career in sports! He’s an awesome director and I’m so grateful for everything I learned working with him and the staff at Seminole Productions!”

Caitlin Peterson, BucVision Content Producer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

​“Kirby is a talented and focused individual with vision for creativity in production.  He leads his teams with integrity and together they build amazing game day experiences.  His experience and wisdom in the industry is creeping toward the level of...legendary.”

Ben Cating, Vice President at Idibri

​“Kirby Kander is one of the pillars of our sports production community. He’s creative and thoughtful, and perhaps most importantly he is able to bring out the brilliance in everyone around him. He’s helped so many people launch careers and grow professionally, and as a result contributed to a stronger community with better ideas, which we’ve all benefited from. It’s a pleasure to know him personally and I respect him immensely”

Eric Long, VP Content & Production at Philadelphia Eagles

​“Kirby Kander is one of the most creative producers I have worked with. His style and creativity keeps fans engaged throughout. Kirby knows how to get and keep the fans throughout an event. He takes the mundane and turns it into must watch content.”

Douglas Price, Director of Sports Venues at Chyron Hego

​“The training I received from Kirby has proven to be invaluable to my professional journey thus far. The implementation of industry standard practices and cutting edge technology made for a seamless transition into the sports production field. Anytime I expressed any interest in learning about another aspect of live events, Kirby made sure I got the opportunity to not only explore it, but master it. I can’t thank Kirby enough for everything he did to help set me up for success in a small competitive industry.”

Christina Fernandez, Digital Content Producer, Fox Sports

​“Kirby has a rare combination of creativity and passion for his work. As an intern fresh out of college, I found Kirby’s passion for sports entertainment infectious, and it inspired me to pursue a career in the same field, despite previously having no interest in sports. Kirby has a gift for cultivating a work environment that is hard-working, creative, and innovative, while also being exciting, open, and closely knit community for those who get the pleasure of working alongside him.”

David Congdon, Motion Graphics Designer, Houston Rockets

​“I had the pleasure of working with Kirby Kander at the Houston Astros for nearly a decade. The willingness of Kirby and his team to collaborate and create new and innovation promotions was inspiring.  Kirby was always willing to take time to discuss a potential project or lend his expertise in designing a new program. The Biz Dev team could then go out and sell these great concepts.  Kirby and his team created cutting edge programming that is still to this day a standard in many stadiums' entertainment programming.”

John Sorrentino, Director of Strategic Alliance at Insperity

​“Learning from and working under Kirby was incredibly influential on me and my professional development in broadcasting. His attention to detail, trust and patience led us to produce professional broadcasts as students and young professionals. His dedication to helping all of his students and employees grow is evident in the success that we all have found after passing under his wing. It was a pleasure to learn from him!”

Alessandra Lane, Content Producer at Philadelphia Eagles

​“I have never see someone work harder, care more about excellence, motivate others better than Kirby. ”

Michael Fertig, Managing Producer at Seminole Productions

​“Kirby is one of the most intuitive Sports and Live Events Producers/Directors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From his diligence in facility accommodation planning and programming to his ability to create and orchestrate engaging video media that brings crowds of people to their feet. I know of few people in the industry who are literally the "whole package"; who can write, shoot, edit, produce, staff, direct and also understand and take into consideration all that a facility needs to address and engage fans so that without question they will return again and again.”

Stuart Reynolds, Director, Sports and Live Events at One Diversified

​“Attitude says a lot, and Kirby's is consistently positive and upbeat. He is always open for collaborating to provide the most creative and unique content possible on a given project.”

Adam Wise, Producer at NBC Sports Washington

​“Without Kirby's leadership during my internship with the Astros, I wouldn't be where I am today in the sports production industry. I learned so much from being around Kirby by taking some of the practices from my time under his supervision and applying it to the way I manage my staff. During the early years of my career, Kirby served as a mentor providing me guidance and goals towards running my own department. I am so thankful he took a chance on me which set me up for over a decade of management in sport video production.”

Carl Mandell, Director, Broadcasting & Video Production at Philadelphia Union 

​“Kirby is the best boss I ever had. He opened the door for me to do in-game entertainment and taught me the ABC of it. Without his lesson, I do not think I could have the career I have. ”

Yuta Muto, Director of Ballpark Entertainment at Rakuten Eagles Japan

​“Kirby was a great leader. He helped launch Comcast Sportsnet Houston. Kirby was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, hard working, and always trying new things. ”

Doug Brown, Executive Producer at The Comcast Network

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